Episode Summary:

For the final episode of the Messenger Mastermind SMS series, Jeremy interviews Wassim Dakik, SMS expert at Postscript. Wassim works primarily with Shopify Plus stores to make their SMS programs unique, fun, and successful. In this conversation, he reveals how merchants set up the most effective conversational automations and campaigns, without always resorting to discount codes.Together, Jeremy and Wassim look at ways to generate more customer feedback, build SMS lists, and to help consumers build their own journey with a brand. Listen in to discover how the biggest revenue generating eCommerce brands integrate their customer service with their SMS programs to make every step of  communication with  customers personal, warm, and interactive in a long-term way.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Wassim Dakik's journey to becoming, Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Postscript¬†
  • How Wassim‚Äôs clients (some of Shopify‚Äôs largest) are currently winning in SMS.¬†
  • What is conversational SMS?
  • How to empower the support team and turn them into a Sales team with SMS.
  • Black Friday 2021 sales are going to start as early as September.¬†
  • The key to getting Automations just right.
  • What to avoid in your Welcome series¬†
  • The filters you need to ensure everyone gets the right message
  • Postscript Holiday Hub

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This series is presented in partnership with Postscript and  Justuno.


Postscript is trusted by thousands of growing Shopify & Shopify plus stores to manage their SMS Marketing.

When done right, SMS marketing can be game-changing for a brand. But there’s a fine line between success and annoying users. We are redefining the way brands and customers interact: with empathy, conversation, and revenue. 

Using Postscript, your team will be able to grow a TCPA compliant subscriber list, use your Shopify data to create targeted text marketing campaigns, have two-way conversations with customers, and unlock a brand new marketing channel that drives big-time ROI for your store.


Justuno helps you build your SMS subscriber database even faster with more qualified shoppers. Easily collect subscribers using a tap to text opt-in for mobile visitors or seamless SMS lead captures anywhere on your site. Justuno directly integrates with leading SMS platforms like Postscript so your hard-won opt-ins are easily shared without delay. 

Justuno's best practices with impression rates ensure your KPIs don't become overinflated vanity metrics and that your pop-ups are capturing high-intent leads. 

Plus, you can access your data anytime so you get the data and insights you want, whenever you want them. Get started with a free trial of Justuno today and accelerate your SMS subscription growth! Head over to justuno.com/mastermind to learn more and snag your exclusive discount for being a MM listener!

Aug 31, 2021
Messenger Mastermind

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