Episode Summary:

Having a good personalization system in place as your business grows is a question of infrastructure - having the right people and automations in place to make sure that customers aren’t slipping through the cracks. Last week Jeremy, Mark, and Ben talked about the kinds of communication and content that businesses should be using to personalize relationships with their customers. 

This week, they get into more advanced tactics for maintaining and growing these relationships. When your business was smaller, you could communicate reactively, as you grow this organic kind of personal communication has to be planned and implemented. Never fear, Messenger Mastermind has you covered - listen ahead to make your plan.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to scale personalization from 100 - 1000 orders?¬†
  • The importance of sending thank you videos
  • Moving from reactive content creation to proactive planning.
  • Transitioning away from being the face of the business.
  • Coordinating personalization across your CS and Marketing teams.
  • The superpower of the SMS thank you video
  • How to send individualized messages at scale
  • The VIP Treatment
  • Scaling personalization through connecting customers with each other.
  • The difference between 1st party data and 0 party data
  • The importance of capturing and storing as much customer data as possible.

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This series is presented in partnership with Octane AI and Gorgias. 


What if your brand could leverage more customer data to combat data privacy changes and boost conversions? With Octane AI, every Shopify and Shopify Plus merchant can. 


Featuring Shop Quiz and Conversational Pop-ups, merchants use Octane AI to get to know customers on a deeper level by collecting zero-party data. 


Using this data, you can engage with your customers through personalized campaigns and flows across all channels, building lasting relationships. 


The ROI from using Octane AI is incredible: brands have increased email signups by 16X and driven a 28% increase in AOV.


Octane AI has plans for any-sized business. Learn more and get started on your zero-party data journey at OctaneAI.com/Mastermind.


Did you know that loyal customers are 9x more likely to convert compared to a first-time shopper?  That's why using personalization to deliver exceptional customer service is so important for your retention & growth. 


Gorgias combines all your communication channels including email, SMS, social media, livechat, and phone, into one platform and gives you an organized view of all tickets. 

This saves your support team hours per day and makes managing customer orders a breeze. 


With Gorgias you can see the customer’s order information right beside tickets, so you can personalize responses with things like their first name, order, and tracking number. 


Brands like Princess Polly, OLIPOP and Steve Madden have reduced their response times and increased efficiencies with Gorgias. For more information, go to gorgias.com and mention the Messenger Mastermind podcast for two months free.

Sep 14, 2021
Messenger Mastermind

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