Episode Summary:

How do you successfully grow a business where every item is $1, no paid ad spend, and an astounding amount of new SKUs launches every year? Jean Baik, the founder of Shop Miss A, has turned her beauty brand into an eCom success story and will expand from 15 to 40 brick and mortar stores by the end of 2022. In this episode, Jean shares with Jeremy how Shop Miss A is able to launch so many products every year, how she has been able to use influencer marketing to launch her brand, and some truly ingenious approaches to SMS marketing. Listen ahead for this and many other amazing tidbits from a brand that does everything in-house and constantly innovates in the beauty space.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The factors to consider when choosing price point and how to organize your verticals for a new business
  • Considerations specific to high inventory businesses, whether in eCom or retail 
  • The place product launches have in this kind of business 
  • How Jean Baik identified the right influencers for influencer marketing (and what made it right for Shop Miss A) 
  • Myths around influencer marketing, and how the landscape has changed in recent years
  • How to build a business around spikes and plateaus in sales
  • Factors in deciding whether to go wholesale or not
  • The place SMS marketing has in an influencer marketing plan
  • A seriously innovative new SMS trick for customer retention

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Jan 18, 2022
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