Episode Summary:

In this week’s episode, Jeremy talks to Elizabeth Grojean, the founder of Baloo Living about how she launched her business and grew it from Amazon to a fully self-sufficient DTC brand on Shopify. Through a savvy use of PR and knowing her brand identity very early in the process, Elizabeth used affiliate marketing to make huge profits at Baloo Living. What might have been beginner's luck has grown into a deep knowledge of the space, and by the end of the episode you will have a clearer understanding of the differences between paid advertising, influencer marketing, and affiliates, and will know which one is right for you.



In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The leg up that product research before you launch will give you
  • The joys and pitfalls of designing an unbeatable hero product 
  • How to drive  traffic to your site, through other distributors 
  • How affiliate marketing and influencer marketing are similar and different
  • Ways to get your product in front of affiliate reviewers and why that matters  
  • What to watch out for when expanding your inventory, and the psychology of offering choices to your customers 

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Nov 30, 2021
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