Episode Summary: 

On this week’s episode, Jeremy talks with Brett Swensen, marketing director at Kizik shoes about last-minute content strategy to get you through the holiday season and into the next year. 2021 has seen Kizik grow their marketing strategy outside of its original niche demographic, and with new audiences on new platforms. Whether we are talking about connected TV or how to market a boomer product to Gen Z on TikTok, Brett believes that content should be platform specific, and that being human and telling your story is always the best way to connect with your audience and to turn them into repeat customers.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare for growth by setting expectations and developing your communication 
  • Why testing outside of your target demographic can open up new revenue opportunities
  • More about the future of Connected TV advertising
  • The different approaches to use with a paid vs organic TikTok presence 
  • What you can do when you allocate resources to content 
  • And that last, last-minute pre-holiday

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