Episode Summary:

Jason Wong is an entrepreneur and an eCommerce wunderkind, who started Doe Lashes with $500 and now runs his brand incubator, Pughaus, and an eCommerce training platform that helps people rapidly scale their own businesses. In this week’s episode Jason came on to the show to give us a glimpse into the unique approach he attributes his success - his commitment to break every decision into testable components. This allows his businesses to embrace change faster than their competitors. Whether the product is false lashes, hard seltzer, or coloring books, Jason believes it has to solve a problem. And whether the business is a product, service, or SaaS, he believes it needs to be constantly testing, adjusting, and creating new iterations of itself to grow. Listen ahead for a truly insightful episode.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • High level view of how to start a brand with $500 (and how to scale it) 
  • What developing a unified framework can do to your entrepreneurship
  • Why breaking down the customer journey is the key to analyzing your data 
  • How to experiment on your operations and marketing for consistent growth
  • How to document your experiments so the whole company can benefit from them
  • What it means to treat your DTC business like a SAS product company
  • Jason’s favorite productivity softwares 

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Jan 11, 2022
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