Episode Summary:

There is no question that customers love a good deal, but there is a danger in discounting too often or too aggressively. In this super valuable episode, Jeremy, Mark, and Ben give out 4 hyper-specific discount strategies that end up being a win-win for customer satisfaction and profit. Listen ahead for the Messenger Mastermind rules for discounting through: Gift with Purchase, Product Bundling, Discounted Shipping, and New Product Drops. These are strategies you can experiment with - using one or all of them - and this episode has in-depth conversations of the pros and cons for each one. 

 In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Four immediate discount strategies that don’t cut into profitability
  • How to offer a gift with purchase that doesn’t cut into AOV, and three methods for making this happen easily on your site
  • The best way to bundle products together
  • Free shipping tactics - when to go site-wide and when to introduce a threshold
  • Why it’s not counterintuitive to discount during product drops 

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Oct 19, 2021
Messenger Mastermind

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